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Manufactured Homes

Insurance for underserved and
value-driven customers

Non-standard Auto Insurance

Millions of drivers struggle to find affordable car insurance. Even worse, those that can least afford it are often denied or asked to pay more. The truth is, many everyday people are denied for coverage based on a blunt algorithm. This includes people that don’t currently have insurance, those that live paycheck to paycheck and people with foreign drivers’ licenses. Supported by trilingual service operations, our program is designed to serve everyone fairly.   

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We approach every market with an open mind and a sharp pencil, finding opportunities that other insurance companies overlook. The result is better insurance for those who need it most.  

- Bill Caldwell, CEO

Custom Auto Insurance Programs

We deliver turnkey solutions and deep insurance expertise to partners needing to fill a product, expertise, or distribution gap, or who need a stable insurance program to bundle with their own products.


  • Embedded, point-of-sale bundling

  • Affinity group

  • Highly regulated markets

  • Geographic and segment opportunities

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